NOVEMBER 30, 2017: Sentek Instrument announces that it will exhibit at the 2018 SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing Conference April 17th – 19th in Orlando, Florida. “Sentek’s fiber optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology provides unmatched sensitivity, cut immunity and simultaneous multiple detection capabilities at extremely attractive pricing. In a world of ever increasing focus on safeguarding assets, infrastructure and people our DAS technology provides a level of performance that the industry has long been looking for” says Anbo Wang, CEO and founder of Sentek Instrument.

NOVEMBER 30, 2017: Sentek Instrument announces that it will exhibit at the 2018 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference July 23rd – 25th in Houston, Texas. Sentek provides distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing technology and downhole temperature and pressure monitoring. “Sentek provides oil and gas operators with next generation technology today – at unmatched performance levels and cost-effective price points. We provide reliable, long-term sensing technology – which the industry has long been asking for – but unable to find until now” stated Anbo Wang, CEO and founder of Sentek Instrument.

NOVEMBER 30, 2017: Sentek Instrument announces that it will exhibit at the 2018 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition September 24th – 26th in Dallas, Texas. “Sentek’s continued participation at the annual ATCE trade show displays our continued leadership in the area of next generation fiber optic sensing technologies for the oil and gas industry. Our performance and reliability has raised the bar on the impact that fiber optic sensing can do for exploration, extraction and distribution” stated Anbo Wang, CEO and founder of Sentek Instrument.

AUGUST 14, 2017: Mr. Stephen (Steve) Yusko recently joined the Company as Director for Marketing and Sales. Prior to his employment at Sentek, Steve has held important positions at several companies in the past and has a very impressive track record in driving sales from relatively small to significant levels. His outstanding accomplishments make him exceptionally qualified for the position.

JUNE 16, 2017: Sentek Instrument has signed a distributorship agreement with Superb Instruments, Co. Ltd. in Beijing. Superb Instruments as our sales arm will help promote and sell our products in China. We feel extremely excited with this partnership and feel optimistic with their representation of Sentek’s products given their extensive knowledge of the Chinese sensor market as well as exceptional execution capability.

MAY 26, 2017: Sentek Instrument will participate in the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition between October 9-11, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Live demonstration of our DASnova™ Optical Fiber Distributed Acoustic Sensor will be given along with the presentation of our other products including high speed distributed temperature and strain sensors.

MAY 8, 2016: NovaPT™ sapphire pressure and temperature downhole sensor is successfully tested offshore. In collaboration with Raylens Technology Co. ltd. , a Beijing-based company, Sentek was able to apply its NovaPT™ downhole sensor to an offershore well operated by China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC). The sensor was installed in January of 2016 and has since operated well to date.

APRIL 22, 2016: Sentek’s latest product - DASnova™ fiber optic distributed sensor, was launched and exhibited at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference (SPIE DCS) between April 18-21, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland. This breakthrough product offers an unprecedented sensitivity yet harmonics free high quality output. It offers a perfect cost-effective solution for applications where extremely high sensitivity and excellent response linearity are necessary.

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