Sentek Instrument, LLC was created in 2012 by Dr. Anbo Wang to bring his thirty years of experience in fiber optic sensors to the global marketplace. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge photonic sensor technologies for significant value adding applications in key industries, such as energy, aerospace, security, and structural health monitoring. We have since been extremely focused on developing critical products that can offer unprecedented performance, including record sensitivity, accuracy, long-term stability, and capability of operation in extreme physical and chemical conditions.

Our vision is to offer our customers unique point or distributed sensing instrumentation systems to increase their productivity, to minimize their key system shutdowns, or to eliminate their system safety concerns. Used in a diverse range of applications, our products have gained international recognition.

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Anbo Wang, President & CEO: Dr. Wang is the founder of Sentek Instrument LLC. His mission is to equip engineers in the energy and other industries with key cost-effective fiber optic sensor products that demonstrate exceptional capabilities.

Dr. Wang is a world leader in fiber sensors and is especially known for his work in sensors for harsh environments. He is the founding director of Virginia Tech’s Center for Photonics Technology, which currently represents the largest academic fiber sensor research program in the United States. He is also the author of more than 300 journal and conference papers and 20 U.S. and international patents in the field of fiber optics and sensors. Dr. Wang is a supervisor of more than 100 graduates students and postdocs, and is a recipient of numerous honors and awards, including Clayton Ayre Professorship, Fellow of the International Optics and Photonics Society (SPIE), and an R&D 100 (2004) for his work in fiber oil downhole sensor developments.

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