Sentek Instrument LLC is a world leader in development and manufacturing of key fiber optic sensor instruments with exceptional capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else. The company is committed to delivering cost-effective and reliable solutions for fulfilling long-standing measurement needs in a wide range of industrial applications. We especially focus on developing unique products for critical measurements in oil/gas, power, aerospace, and structural health monitoring industries.

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JUNE 16, 2017: Sentek Instrument has signed a distributorship agreement with Superb Instruments, Co. Ltd. in Beijing. Superb Instruments as our sales arm will help promote and sell our products in China. We feel extremely excited with this partnership and feel optimistic with their representation of Sentek’s products given their extensive knowledge of the Chinese sensor market as well as exceptional execution capability.

MAY 26, 2017: Sentek Instrument will participate in the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition between September 9-11, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Live demonstration of our DASnova™ Optical Fiber Distributed Acoustic Sensor will be given along with the presentation of our other products including high speed distributed temperature and strain sensors.

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